The Extra-Ordinary Black Girl_All Black.

Hey Beautiful,

My name is Enjonette Baker, but most people call me EJ. Born & raised in Compton, I have been fortunate to partner with female CEO's, Executives, and Solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional connections human-to-human. One of my most treasured accomplishments is being the Founder & Executive Director of Women Blessing Women (WBW), a non-profit organization. WBW is a global sisterhood committed to creating a supportive, impactful, and rewarding environment for our community's young girls and women.  I had the distinct honor of being named one of the "Black Women in Business 2017" who used their platforms to give back to their communities and empower women.

In 2019 I created my first product, The Black Girl Planner, which was for girls & women just like me to have something to relate to while on the go. I would always find myself in the books section in Marshall's looking for the perfect planner to purchase & although I would find some dope material, nothing looked like me or spoke to me as a black woman. So, one day, God dropped it in my Spirit to create my own. I asked myself, "I mean, how difficult could it be?" Man O' Man, between my perfectionist personality and my tiny bit of OCD, I made the process more complicated than it had to be. Launching the 1st planner, "Women Inspiring," I felt it was never good enough. But I finally got it completed. The initial goal was to produce a digital planner solely, but I got so many requests for something tangible, which is how my physical planner was born. Due to the high demand and request, I sold out in 2 days!! I know, crazy, right? At that point, I knew that I had created something magical, but I didn't realize that this would be the beginning of a new lifestyle brand and the 1st product of many. 

On June 1, 2020, I introduced my 2nd brand as The Extra-Ordinary Black Girl. As a child, I was always taught and began to experience as an adult how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Living in this world as not just a woman but as a black woman and experiencing the everyday challenges that come along with it, I not only have one target on my back, but I have 2. Then it dropped on me that I must be Extra-Ordinary for God to continue to use me as He does and continues to grant me favor as I navigate through the obstacles.

The Extra-Ordinary Black Girl was created in My Image, to influence & inspire other women & girls of color just like me. I have created a line of products to serve as meditation tools and encourage a tranquil lifestyle through any stage you may be walking in.

Remember, Extra-Ordinary Black Girl, you are Extraordinary!


 The Extra-Ordinary Black Girl